Thursday, August 27, 2009

Farewell California

To my beloved state,

After 24 years of grateful residence, I'm unfortunately leaving for the East Coast.

For all of you who followed my adventure this March, I finally realized earlier this year what I wanted to do with my life. I started to apply for jobs at think tanks and non-profits in an area I'm passionate about: International Relations. After a short stint applying for the US Foreign Service (I passed the exam but am too underqualified to get past the next step), I got a summer internship at a great non-profit called in San Francisco.

Wait what about D.C.?

I realized at some point this spring that the vast majority of jobs I was applying to and found interesting were in our nation's capitol. I emailed a bunch of friends (thanks friends) who live in the area and the overwhelming consensus was that to get a career in D.C., I'd best come here. My plan since then was to come to D.C. in the fall, apply for Masters programs in IR, get a job, and follow my passion.

This summer, while working for explore, I was able to land:

1. A place to stay (well, not really, but I'm crashing on my friends Amy and John's couch for a week).

2. Something to learn (I applied to the George Washington University non-degree program. I'll be taking a last prerequisite before I apply to masters programs).

3. Something to do (I got a sweet internship at the UN High Commission on Refugees although it is unfortunately unpaid).

So all I really have to do is find a real place to live and a job. That's the adventure part! I hope to share with you my semi-idealistic quest to pursue my dream in a new city where I don't know many people. It really sucked to leave California, my friends, my family - the people I love. Some of the goodbyes were the saddest I've ever had. I will miss everyone dearly and I hope that by sharing my life in this small way we can still keep up.

Stay tuned as I take my whole life (pictured), move it across the country and try to start a new home in a place I've never really been. Fortunately, it's going to be an adventure, and that's what I do.