Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding #3

As we enter prime marriage season, the weddings are starting to pick up. Last weekend, my cousin Derek (who is only a year older than me - scary!) got married to his girlfriend -> fiancee -> wife Lindsay.

The wedding ceremony and reception were both in the beautiful Leo Carillo Park, which kind of had a rancho, old west feel. Peacocks roamed the grounds freely (and the kids at the wedding tormented the hell out of them) which meant that they were also a part of the ceremony. The wedding vows were interrupted multiple times by screeching that was reminiscent of Jurassic Park.

The reception was great because I had a chance to hang out with my sisters. They stuck the cousins at the table closest to the wedding DJ, who was appropriately titled "DJ JAMZ." DJ Jamz played a ton of slow jams that either reminded me of middle school dances or were explicit enough to make me feel uncomfortable at a family wedding. Derek and Lindsay were awesome and I really wish them all the best. The wedding was sweetness.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lil' Sis Graduates!

Last weekend, my little sister Jen graduated (with honors) from UCLA. I drove up with the our middle sibling Kimi to her Friday ceremony before dropping Kimi off at LAX so that she could return to the Bay Area for work. Friday night, I stayed at UCLA and hung with Jen and her friends, who are much cooler and less annoying than Jen's friends seemed to be when we were all kids.

On Saturday, the parentals and some Aunts and Uncles came up for the Saturday ceremony and then we had a little party in Jennifer's honor. Congrats to my sister for finishing four great years at one of the world's best schools, and to my parents for going from 3 kids worth of tuition per year to 0!

Three college grads, that only cost a few hundred thousand dollars!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wedding #2

On my way home from Washington DC, I had a planned layover weekend in Arizona for a weekend of friends. Two good friends from college, Clare and Bryan (not me) were getting married in Tuscon with all the guests staying at a Ritz-Carlton. For a poor, semi-jobless twentysomething, between this and the opera ball the weekend before, I haven't been doing too badly!

The wedding was super great for a couple of reasons:

My first night in Arizona before I drove to Tuscon (I flew into Phoenix) I got to hang out with my friends Lori and Schmoopy and we had ourselves a blast.

A bunch of college friends I hadn't seen for a while all came and we got to hang out in a pretty luxurious setting, chilling by a pool under the hot Arizona sun.

I got to play a bit of music for the wedding ceremony. We put together a little brass quartet and played some qurtet arrangements while the wedding party came down the aisle (as well as a pretty sweet classical-ish arrangement of 'All Right Now' arranged by our friend Buster for the recessional).

Bryan and Clare had a super-awesome wedding. It was the perfect mix of great food, awesome family, new friends and some pretty humorous romance. Their first dance as a married couple was Styx's 'Come Sail Away' which will forever be a sentimental song to me now. How that is possible, I have no idea. It's about aliens.