Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to the Bay (70 Things)

From Seattle, I flew down to the Bay Area, where I began my young adult life. Because this was the last time for me to see college friends and others before leaving for Italy, I packed my schedule for the week leading up to Dylan and Veronica's wedding (the reason I flew here in the first place). My week in the Bay Area was so busy, I can't even describe it in complete sentences. Instead, I will list the 70 things that I did. If you're curious, email me or chat me and I can tell you some good stories. It was a very fun (but tiring) week.

1. Landed in San Jose and took the train to Stanford!
2. Hung around my old alma mater, did a bunch of work and visited my old job at Stanford.
3. Went to the Stanford Band rehearsal where I played with Joel and Tanicia's kids.
4. Went to the Dutch Goose to celebrate Tom's birthday
5. Hung out with Liz and her housemates
6. Slept for some small amount of hours
7. Went back to Stanford to get more work done in the sweet Alumni Center Library
8. Went to Vaden Health Center to Obtain Proof that I won't get measles
9. Took a Golf Cart Tour that made me realize that not everyone is meant to be a tour guide
10. Worked more and studied for my final exam for my online Econ class
11. Took the CalTrain up to SF to stay with the amazing hostesses Marie and Tina
12. Slept for some small amount of hours.
13. Took the first half of my final exam for econ
14. Took the BART to Oakland to get lunch with my sister Kimi.
15. Had an awkward conversation with my sister's boss who considers my school "very conservative"
16. Took the BART back to SF to meet up with my buddy Zach who will be in Italy with me
17. Went over to the headquarters of the place I've been consulting for for a work meeting
18. Went to a happy hour with above work people at the 21st Amendment
19. Left happy hour to go to a dinner with some SF people who are my friends. We ate Thai
20. Went back to Marie and Tina's for some quality hang-out time
21. Slept for some small amount of hours.
22. Got up early and took BART to Berkeley to borrow my sister's Prius
23. Bought a peach at Safeway so I could get cashback and pay for the new $6 Bay Bridge toll
24. Picked up my buddy Becca from SFO
25. Parked in the Mission district
26. Took the second half of my econ final
27. Got back into the Prius and drove to Woodside, CA
28. Found a place in Woodside that would press my tuxedo for the Saturday wedding but not my suit for the Friday rehearsal dinner
29. Met up with Dylan's bachelor party and a limo at the Dutch Goose
30. Shot things with guns
31. General Mayhem
32. Hijinks
33. Shenanigans
34. Dinner at the Dutch Goose with Veronica's bachelorette party
35. Drove to Marie and Tina's to change and regroup
36. Drove to Sausalito to pick up Zach (mentioned earlier)
37. Drove with Zach to Berkeley to Kimi's place
38. Slept a negligible amount of hours with a cat on my face
39. Met up with Kimi's friends and drove to Auburn where Kimi's friend is a rafting instructor
40. Learned things, like how to blow up a raft
41. Chilled, ate some lunch. (Notice the lack of meals in this list?)
42. Rafted down a bunch of rapids
43. Teamwork
44. Said farewell to my sister Kimi and drove with Zach back to Sausalito
45. Dropped off Zach in Sausalito, drove to Woodside
46. Arrived just in time for Dylan and Veronica's rehearsal dinner
47. Changed out of dirty rafting clothes into my sweet-looking suit in the car
48. Ate what I thought was the main course
49. Listened to a capella music about Dylan and Veronica's love
50. Discovered that the "main course" was just a salad course and that I could eat all the meats
51. Left the rehearsal dinner with a warm glow in my heart
52. Hung out with Liz and her housemates in their sweet cabin-house thing
53. Became the Foursquare mayor of Liz's house
54. Slept a negligible amount
55. Woke up extremely early and drove back to Berkeley to return Kimi's Car
56. Bought a new tuxedo vest (mine was lost at some point)
57. Ate some bread
58. Re-borrowed Kimi's car
59. Drove back to Woodside to pick up my tuxedo
60. Made the lady at the dry cleaner feel really guilty for not having my tie ready because I was going to leave the Bay Area and never come back
61. Drove to SF and got dressed for the main event
62. Got to know my friend Becca's boyfriend Pedro (cool dude)
63. The main event!
64. Drove to Berkeley to drop off Kimi's car and say goodbye
65. Took BART back to SF
66. Slept for a negligible amount of hours
67. Had my awesome super-friend Marie drive me to SFO.
68. Hated on United Airlines
69. Got over it
70. Said farewell to the Bay Area and everyone in it

As you might have guessed. This week made me very sleepy. Stay tuned for the next week when I also stayed up late, but this time for studying instead of fun!