Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wedding #7

Save the best for last, or at least that's what we used to say in third grade. After an exciting year full of weddings of family and friends, I ended my 2010 wedding run with the marriage of my best friend Duncan.

I had met Amanda, Duncan's girlfriend, for the first time while I was still living in Oakland in 2009 or 2008. When Duncan called me to tell me he was getting married to her, I was ecstatic. She's a cool girl. When I figured out I was going to Italy for school, I resolved that nothing would stop me from going to my best friend's wedding, so I bought a plane ticket from Italy to San Francisco months and months before the wedding. I had to, I was the best man!

After a month of pre-term classes in Bologna, it was time for the big crazy weekend. I woke up at 4am on Friday to catch a taxi to the airport. Unfortunately for me, there were no taxis at the taxi stand downtown, precisely because it was 5 in the morning. I had begun to get worried that I'd miss my flight when I passed by a woman standing in front of her house with two duffel bags. I asked her in my surprisingly coherent Italian whether she was going to the airport, to which she answered that she was and that she had reserved a taxi ahead of time. She offered to give me a ride and I got to the airport with minutes to spare (things always seem to work out for me).

After a long flight in which I made friends with a dude who works for a luxury yacht for a living (vacation for work!) I landed in San Francsico International Airport around 1:30pm. My American phone no longer worked, so I had to get out my computer an text message people using Goog Voice. I met up with Duncan's little brother Andrew and we were picked up from the Airport by two of my high school friends, Megan and Dustin.

We had exactly enough time for me to go pick up my tuxedo and take a shower before the limo arrived and the bachelor party began. The bachelor party (which I planned, thank you very much) was amazing, but if you want stories, you'll have to ask me in person. Suffice to say that Duncan's college buddies are really awesome.

On Saturday I did a few errands and before I knew it, we had the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The dinner was located at a restaurant at the end of Market Street appropriately called One Market and it was delicious.

Duncan and I woke up early on Sunday and spent the morning of his Big Day wandering the streets of SF and reminiscing about old times and talking about life in general. I met my parents (who had flown up from San Diego for the wedding and had managed to go to a Padres-Giants game as well) and my sister for lunch at Pizza Orgasmica, an old lunch spot from my tech PR days. Duncan and all the groomsmen then got into our tuxes and headed to the wedding. We tooks some pictures in our cool shades and basked in the unnatural San Francisco sunshine.

Amanda and the bridesmaids were a tad bit late, and by the time they got in, the clouds had rolled in and the temperature had dropped. However, the ceremony was beautiful and you could tell that the warmth between those two couldn't be quenched by any amount of biting cold wind. As the sun went down, the lights of San Francisco went on for a perfect backdrop to their wedding. After the ceremony, we went inside and PARTIED! A lot of the music was kind of latin themed, which I thought was really cool, because people of all ages stayed on the dance floor the whole night.

I packed up my stuff (including some extra supplies for Europe) the next morning and got back on the plane, arriving in time for my second official day of classes, some serious jet-lag and a huge smile on my face because I knew that love had won the day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The morning after our adventures at Oktoberfest, Klaas, Alyssa, Leah and I decided to take a leisurely drive back through Austria to experience the alps that we had missed while driving through Saturday night.

As Germany melted into Austria, we saw numerous churches perched upon inaccessable hills and quaint little towns huddle at the bases of beatuiful and majestic mountains. Enchanted, we took off on a random exit and drove until we saw a cool bridge. After some photos on the bridge and a fun game of pooh sticks, we played with some calves on the other side of the river. Klaas and I assured the girls that they were just pet calves, but I'm pretty sure that was not the case.

Getting hungry, we set ourselves upon finding a place ot eat in a nearby town. It was Sunday and everything to be deserted, but it could also be that it was a winter resort town. We finally found what had to be the only restaurant/tavern in the town and entered with growling stomachs. The tavern had a very clean and familiar aura, with old people sipping on beers and chatting. We took a table outside in the sunshine with an amazing view of the steep mountain walls that surrounded the valley.

I was set on getting weinersnitzel, but everybody else ended up getting the same because we couldn't read anything else on the menu and didn't want to risk getting stuck with the warm white sausage in a bowl of luke-warm water. The language barrier caused a tiny bit of a problem, but after a lot of laughing and pointing, we ended up with one of the biggest dishes I've ever eaten.

After lunch, we bid farewll to Austria, but someday I want to return to that little town in the valley that I can't pronounce and spend the afternoon in that tavern again.