Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Freddo Ferrara

Last night I went on an adventure with some of my Italian friends from the orchestra. We drove to Ferrara, a city 45 minutes north of Bologna to go to a party we (they) had been invited to. I got to meet some awesome Ferraresi and everyone seemed to be much more excited that I was from California than that I was from the United States.

As an aside, Ferrara was really cold. I haven't been that cold in a long time.

After the party, we ended up going to this building with giant wooden doors. Once the doors opened, a pure wall of sound hit me. Inside there was courtyard with tons of people with giant tambourines and guitars singing and yelling at the top of their lungs. People were dancing these crazy dances. It was amazing. One of the guys with us picked up an accordion and started playing along. Apparently people knew all the words because they were singing traditional folk songs.

On the way home, the two Italians driving us stuck in a Fabrizio De Andre CD... as far as I can tell, he was the Bob Dylan of Italy. They new all the words and the ride home was super fun as they sang every world of every song all the way back to Bologna.