Friday, December 3, 2010

Stuffing Our Faces

One of the best parts of Bologna is the ridiculous food here. Last week two of my buddies' girlfriends came into town (for Thanksgiving-type stuff) and we all decided to celebrate by showing off some of Bologna's food. We went to Osteria Broccandoiso, which is just a hop skip and a jump from our house. There weren't really menus - we just ordered Anti-Pasti (appetizers), Primi (pasta-type dishes) and Dulce (dessert). We passed on Secondi (which was a good choice), but not on Vino (which was also a good choice).

They came by with delicious anti-pasti: salads, quesadilla-y things, corn-y things, etc.

Then they came by with what I thought was primi.

Turns out it was just more anti-pasti. Then they came by with actual primi, which continued for about an hour of ridiculousness. More and more plates just piled up on the table.

Full of food and wine, we felt ready to pay the check, when they came by with dulce! How can you say no to 15 different delicious dessert platters?

Afterwards, we had some digestivos - grappa and limocello, which do a great job of settling a stomach full of Italian food. Over dessert we listened as the Germans I was sitting across from described how incredibly obsessed Germans are with David Hasselhoff, and why it's weird that Americans aren't.

This is a great place.