Monday, January 31, 2011

Bologna Lax

On Saturday my buddy David and I played lacrosse with the Bologna Sharks.

David had seen a flier a few days before and followed up with Emanuele, the team's captain/goalie. We discovered that the team was extremely excited for us to play with them, having played "NCAA" lacrosse (David had been on an awesome DIII team and I had played club, so defintiely we're no Syracuse or Duke lax bros).

On the car ride over to the field, Emanuele recounted to us the story of how he had disocovered lacrosse through the movie "American Pie" and had become very passionate about it. He ended up founding a team in Bologna which played against the other six lacrosse teams in Italy. That's right. Seven teams in the whole country. While most of the guys were just learning the sport, David and I had a lot of fun running around - it's a fun sport no matter on what level it's played.

Pending some registration fees, finding some gear (you can imagine it's pretty hard to find any lacrosse stuff in Italy) and a sports physical, David, our buddy Kristjan and I will be the newest members of the Bologna Sharks. More updates to come on a game we're supposed to play on February 13th.