Saturday, January 29, 2011

Carrie and Bryan Discover Firenze

On the 20th, Carrie and I boarded a late morning train and headed south to Florence, Italy. It was kind of rainy in Bologna, but I was in high spirits because I had just finished my International Trade Exam the day before.

As our train sped through the snowy Italian country side, Carrie and I were able to catch up and learn about each other's lives. We arrived in Florence around noon, but had to switch trains to get closer to the city center.

Florence itself was sunny with no trace of snow or rain - especially noticeable for me because I hadn't seen sunlight for what seemed like months.

After eating at a delicious panini place recommended by Carrie's friends, we putzed around the north part of the city, looking at statues and old churches.

We finally made our way to Florence's main attraction, Michaelangelo's David. I never knew what the big deal about this naked dude was, but he turned out to be a very beautiful sculpture that highlights the strength and balance of the human form.

After David, Carrie and I made our way south of the river, with a stop on the way to get some gelato.

We eventually discovered a little non-touristy bar off the beaten path where we had a glass of wine, some snacks and enjoyed the establishment's weird collection of weird wooden sculptures and figurines.

As the sun set, we found ourselves on a bridge over the Arno river, taking pictures of an inspiring evening sky.

We finished up the night with a tasty dinner in a completely empty restaurant (Italians seem to not eat until after 9 or 10, and this wasn't tourist season), some more gelato, and a sleepy train ride back to Bologna.

Florence is beautiful and I'm excited to go back soon!