Friday, January 14, 2011

Ferrari? Ferrari!

So last fall, Luca di Montezemolo, the chairman of Ferrari, spoke at SAIS. He's a personable guy and it's rumored that he might run for Italian Prime Minister. Mr. Montezemolo made the mistake of promising that if we ever wanted to come visit the Ferrari factory in nearby Maranello, Italy, he'd arrange it.


Some plans were made, and yesterday a bunch of SAIS students and faculty piled onto some buses and made the hour-long drive to take Montezemolo up on his offer.

The Ferrari factory has a huge campus with its own employee restaurant and a wind tunnel. It might have just been the tour, but everyone seemed pretty happy to be working there. I guess the recession might be the reason for that too.

The factory itself was awesome and there were some amazing limited edition custom Ferraris inside, but unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures so that Ferrari secrets wouldn't mysteriously make their way to Mr. Slugworth.

Afterwards, Montezemolo said a few words and then let us loose into the museum/showroom, which was cool too.

Do I want a Ferrai when I grow up? Of course. Could I probably find a better way to spend $200,000? Most definitely.