Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waltzing Through Finals

I'm 2.5 finals out of seven done and the finals period technically starts tomorrow morning. Staying in Bologna over break definitely gave me a tiny bit of a head start, but it still should be a pretty challenging two weeks. Even though I'm not exactly waltzing through final exams, I did get a bit of waltzing in tonight. The Austrian Students Association held their first practice for the Austrian Ball, which will be taking place about three weeks from now. It was pretty cool!

We kind of looked like the ballroom scene in Disney's Enchanted, minus the fancy-shmansy stuff that happens in the middle, and more like the robotic, overly formal people in the circle around them. We'll learn fancy-shmansy next week.

Not to self: just because you can rock the normal slow waltz does not mean that you can do the Viennese waltz. In fact, you can't.