Thursday, February 10, 2011

Final Exams - Success!

My blog is filled with fun stories about my extra-curricular activities, so filled that I sometimes worry that it looks like I don't go to school. I go to school. I spend the vast majority of my time studying, reading, taking notes and writing papers. This January was especially intense, as my final exam period for me spanned the whole month.

I began studying for the Evolution of the International System CORE exam around Christmas and New Years'. I had taken a very similar class as an undergraduate, so I decided to try my luck on January 10th and test out of the class (I was also secretly hoping to do really well so I could be the TA for the class in the spring). Here's the test:

I ended up doing really well, my only mistake was a little mix-up between Alexander I and Alexander II of Russia. Nobody's perfect...

Then, on January 11th and 12th I had my Spanish written and oral finals. I did ok, but could have done better. Here's to increasing my comprehension in the new year!

While all this studying was going on, I also had a paper for my Political Analysis and Strategy in UN Intervention class. I wrote mine on the Lusaka Peace Process and how the Angolan Civil War might have been ended by applying some realist policies used by the late Richard Holbrooke in the Bosnian war. I had kind of a hokey title, but I was really proud of the resulting paper:

Over the weekend, I studied for my International Trade Theory Exam, which I got out of the way right before Carrie came to visit on January 18th. After Carrie left, I had a day or two to study for my Theories of International Relations exam on January 24th, and then two days until my International Monetary Theory final exam. Of those three, I did best on my Monetary exam, so I'll show you that one:

I finished out finals "week" on January 30th, when my group turned in our Strategy and Policy paper on the implications of WikiLeaks on strategic communication. It was a heck of a month and now you can see why our trip to Austria was so sorely needed!