Monday, April 25, 2011

Sardinia (Sardegna)

Apparently graduate students get spring break. Who knew?

I took a few days in the first half of spring break to retire to a villa on the southeast coast of Sardinia. Ryanair flights to Sardinia are super cheap (like, 30 euro there, 7 euro back) as long as you're willing to fly out of places like Pisa and into places like Peruggia.

Pisa was cool, Peruggia was not.

When we got into Sardinia, the guy who rented us the house decided to upgrade us to the larger place next door because no one was there that weekend. Apparently it isn't nice enough in Sardinia to be tourist season yet. I beg to differ.

The view from our house:

Day one, we hung by the pool and let all of our international relations theory and economics burn off with a strong dose of Sardinian sun.

Day two, we went exploring to find a beautiful sandy beach that we could see from one of our decks. Complete success.

That night, we went to the villa of some friends and had an all-night dance party under the full moon. Overuse of hyperbole? Nope. It was the best thing.

I split early from this Sardinian paradise to meet my friend Blair back in Bologna and then get some studying done, but it was a wonderful intermission!