Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ahoy Bratislava!

And so new adventure begins, this time in a tiny little central European country called Slovakia. On Sunday, I hitched a ride with the only Slovak person I know in the whole world and her family to their hometown of Bratislava. After a quick lunch stop in Austria (and we know how much I love lunch stops in Austria) we drove on and arrived in Bratislava around sunset.

The outskirts of Bratislava have these humongous communist apartment blocks that remind me of the Stanford Law School, and we passed through them before crossing the Danube and entering the old city center, which is filled with very old buildings and a CASTLE!

Bratislava, although the capital of the country, is comfortably small, and the city center where I am staying is just beautiful. It seems quiet, relaxed and simple here. Very un-New Yorky, which is part of the reason I thin I'll like it.

I stayed at a hostel close to the UNDP office and began my first day at UNDP well rested and excited to work. My boss is cool, my coworkers are cool and everyone seems to be terribly smart. More about UNDP soon.

As I write this, I am sitting in a pub near my hostel with keys in my pocket for what will hopefully be the place I stay this whole summer. Lucia (my Slovak friend, fellow student and all around awesome girl) through a connection discovered a Slovak family here in the city who is renting out a room. They seem extremely nice, and they live in a wonderful house that they buolt themselves (the father is a sculptor and the son is an architect). I move in tomorrow, and they don't speak much English, so wish me luck!