Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Plans, Autumn Plans

I'm nearing the end of finals week, which also means the end of my time in Bologna. Always one to look ahead rather than behind, I'd like to share my summer and autumn plans with you!

Starting next Monday, I begin my summer internship with the UN Development Programme. I'll be working in support of the Office of the Senior Economist on a bunch of development issues in Central Asia. Despite the exotic locale of the subject of my work, I'll be located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Why? Not sure. Anyway, I'm super pumped to get to know Bratislava and Central Europe in general (I'll be very close to both Vienna and Budapest), so stay tuned for some interesting summer posts!

At the end of the summer, I'll take a plane flight from Bratislava to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a hectic weekend of wedding fun (as I am wont to do) before rolling back to Washington, DC for my second year at SAIS. I some how managed to finagle myself back into my old house in DC, which I love. I'll have a few new housemates and it should make for a great year!