Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I got back from my trip to Holcim on Friday afternoon at around 4:00pm and discovered that all the other interns had left on a trip to Budapest. I had known about the trip, but had been unsure whether I had wanted to go. Right then, I decided I did and I rushed to catch up with them, taking a train out of Bratislava only an hour or two after they did.

I arrived in Budapest at 8:30pm and met up with some of my fellow interns, Hyun-Young, Aleks and Timea, our Hungarian hostess. Timea took us an what she described as a 'Bohemian tour' that night to a few of her favorite nighttime hang out spots and we had an amazing time.

My only hang up that night was the realization that Hungary is not on the Euro. They use a currency called the forint (florin). I'm not sure if it's from the legacy of Hungary's post-WWI inflation or what, but the conversion rate to the Euro is certainly strange. Not knowing what it was at the ATM, I chose the smallest withdrawal option the ATM offered: 1,000 HUF (forints).

1,000 HUF equals about 4 euros. Oops.

Anyway, the next day Hyun-Young, Aleks and I toured some of the city's historical attractions, including the Danube waterfront, Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge and the statue of St. Gerard. We all commiserated in the fact that Magyar as a language is incomprehensible to us (although I do know EGESZSEGEDRE!). We ate like Hungarian kings all day and I returned to Bratislava that night with a full stomach and the satisfaction of a city well-explored.