Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...And We're Back!

Near the end of my summer in Bratislava, things really picked up and I got behind in my blogging. Then I was waiting on people to send me pictures from my last adventures in Europe. Then I was procrastinating on blogging because I had more important schoolwork.

Well, now it's December and my poor blog is suffering from disuse. I'm going to just charge ahead with writing bout new adventures and fill in the old stuff later.

A summary of what's been going on since August...

I finished up at UNDP, with a final trip with my fellow intern Lena to Vienna where we shared a wonderful meal with my colleagues.

Some college friends came to visit me in Bratislava and we traveled together to Prague, where hijinks ensued.

On my way out of Europe, I barely missed a hurricane and made it safely to my friends' Dan and Bitsy's wedding in Minnesota.

I began my third semester at SAIS, moving into my old house and challenging myself with a new set of classes.

I went on a Staff Ride with the Strategic Studies program and traced George Washington's December 1776 campaign.

I had some adventures in Washington DC!

Here's to an updated blog, a great 2012, and to the great people I met in 2011.