Saturday, January 21, 2012

Here in Antigua

After my first week in Antigua, I can really feel my Spanish improving. Here's a Spanish-language version of this post for my hispanohablante readers.

I've been living with a really friendly family on the western side of Antigua, only a five-minute's walk from CSA. These people treat the students who stay with them as a part of the family and we share all our meals with them. Their house is really beautiful and the family compound is built around a central courtyard filled with greenery. My room is on the second floor, right next to a really comfortable hammock in a shady spot. You can imagine I spend a lot of time napping there.

The city of Antigua is pretty small, and in a way reminds me of Florence, Italy, because it is chock-full of Americans. I'm not too bothered by the touristy nature of Antigua as I spend 6 hours each day studying Spanish and take my meals in my beautiful temporary home.

My Spanish tutor Edgar and I have gotten to know each other very well and we spend the majority of the time sharing stories with each other or talking about our ideas about culture and history.

On Thursday, two of my classmates from SAIS came to Antigua while on a project and we met up in front of the church in Antigua's main square. We're planning on doing a little exploring today, so stay tuned! A view from my home of one of the three volcanoes surrounding Antigua: