Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barn Party

In the grand tradition of previous themed parties like Christmas in July, my Tijuana Party, my 25th Birthday Mustachio Bashio and Nacho House's Homeless Party, I decided to throw myself a Barn Party for my 27th birthday.

After long consultations with my roommates, I decided to clear out the whole first floor of my house and fill it with hay. Complementary cowboy/farmer hats added enough country to overcome the fact that most of my friends are unrepentant city-folk.

On the Friday before my party, my friend Zach and i drove out to rural Virginia to Farmer John's Hay stand, where one of his hands helped us fill our truck with giant (and surprisingly cheap) bales of hay. We definitely pumped the Lady A as we wound through the country roads with 18 bales of hay piled on the back of our pickup.

The party ended up a great success, and I got to gather my different groups of friends under one roof to party, dance and have some good country fun.

I awoke the next morning to find my first floor covered in a sea of about two feet of hay, and the rest of my house covered in hay bits and a fine layer of hay dust. To tell the truth, the clean-up was pretty terrible, but I would do it again in an instant. Happy birthday to me!