Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Graduation Station

My two years of riding the SAIS train have finally ended and I've arrived at Graduation Station. It's been an amazing journey and after taking fascinating classes, meeting amazing people, struggling through imposing papers and participating in all manner of crazy simulations, debates and trips, it's time to de-train.

My family flew in from California to come watch me walk and we had a few days to tour the home I've made here in Washington on-and-off in the past three years. We had a wonderful time eating Fast Gourmet on my back patio, paddle-boating in the Tidal Basin, biking to all the monuments and touring the US Capitol (courtesy of my congressman Brian Bilbray and his unpaid intern).

I graduated in an exciting ceremony at Constitution Hall, where the Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner spoke. I was going to ask him to sign something but I realized that I have his autograph on all the money that's been printed since 2009. Geithner's speech was a little political (it's an election year) and defensive of Obama's economic policies in the past three years, which I felt was a good balance to the political persuasions of some of my professors sitting up on stage.

We finished at a trip with a big double family dinner with the Olsons at Fogo de Chao where we definitely benefited from Zach's father's Portuguese and love of wine.

I've gotten off, the train has pulled away and I'm standing on the platform bright-eyed with my degree in hand. Where to?