Sunday, August 26, 2012

California: Northward!

Last week I drove up to the Bay Area to, among other things, visit my sister and attend the wedding of my college friends Matt and Lori. I was joined on my excursion by my increasingly good friend Valerie (who happens to blog herself). Valerie was going up to the East Bay to visit her boyfriend Colin who had just had some adventures of his own in the wilds of Alaska.

Driving over the 580 into the Bay Area

In my week in the Bay, I had a chance to catch up with old friends in Mountain View and San Francisco, explore my old home at Stanford University, and even fit in a short hike with Valerie and Colin in the Oakland Hills!

Bring on the roasted potatoes!

I also got to visit my sister Kimi who was finishing up a year at Hidden Villa. Piglets are cute but if you're not careful they'll bite your sandals off. Kimi and I finished our afternoon off at the Rabbit's Foot Meadery in Sunnyvale. The vikings had it right - mead is delicious!

On Friday, I filled my car with musical instruments and headed to Santa Cruz for Matt and Lori's wedding.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

San Diego Summer Nights

My interim life in San Diego has continued to be amazing. It might be less exciting to blog about than what's coming in the autumn, but surfing almost every day at my old high school break and spending time with old friends and new has been soothing on my soul.

On Tuesday I picnicked with my new friend Shannon by the shores of Mission Bay and watched the sun set into the cool San Diego evening.

On Friday I went to the horse races at Del Mar for the first time with two very old friends from high school.

Why am I leaving this place again?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Biking for Bryan

My 2.5 month stay in suburbia before I head on to my new life in Spain risked feeling claustrophobic. After three years living in places where cars were unnecessary, I found myself in San Diego, where the lack of a car relegates people to the confines of their homes. Luckily, I dug my little sister's hybrid bike out of the garage and resolved to do some long bicycle rides around North San Diego.

I've also taken up some regular longer distance running, and in between the two I've managed to avoid cabin fever and see the beauty of my hometown. I've just returned from a 30 mile one-way bike ride to my grandparents' up int the Oceanside hills. It got a little steep at the end, for sure, but there's nothing like speeding up the California coastal highway as the sun sets in oranges and pinks at your side.

Double props to, which allows me to track where I've gone and see how long I've run or biked. They still have some bugs to work out but I like the interface a ton.