Monday, September 3, 2012

LORAT Wedding (Family, Friends & Music)

After a week of putzing around the Bay Area, I filled the back of my car with marching band instruments and  trekked over the Santa Cruz mountains to a remote Buddhist retreat called Pema Osel Ling. This was the site of the imminent marriage of my very good friends Lori and Matt (LORAT, according to Chloe).

I was the the Stanford Band drum major after Lori and before Matt, so the three of us already have a little family going on, but I was honored and humbled to be asked to participate in their ceremony by reading a biblical passage. I was relieved at the wedding rehearsal to find that I wouldn't have to read anything weird, but rather two passages Lori and Matt had chosen. After the rehearsal we had a delicious Hawaiian rehearsal dinner and ended the night meeting family and friends around a campfire on site.

The day of the wedding we helped set up the ceremony and reception sites, and once the girls started getting their makeup on (hours before the wedding) I went for a swim with some of Matt's family. We had a pretty bad synchronized diving routine.

The wedding was filled with music. There was a wonderful brass quintet during the ceremony, the Stanford Band popped out of nowhere to play a few tunes under the direction of the new bride and groom, and the reception featured Sinister Dexter, an amazing band that got all 200 guests dancing wildly. There was even a surprise guest appearance by Matt and my college funk band, the Titanium Gods of Interstellar Funk!

A particularly beautiful moment was when Lori, who grew up in Hawaii, did a traditional solo hula dance for everyone. I was floored.

Friends flew in from all over the country and the whole wedding was a wonderful reunion for me.


The next morning after a farewell brunch with many of the guests, I picked up Valerie and drove back to San  Diego (with short pit-stops at Kimi's farm again and Pea Soup Andersen's).