Saturday, October 20, 2012

US Politics in a Faraway Land

Be prepared, if you're an American living abroad during a presidential election year, to be expected to be an expert on US politics. Several times a week, I'm asked by Spaniards at work, "who's going to win?" "what's going to happen in November?" "What do Americans think about X?"

I don't know!

Prediction is for is for Nostradamus and Nate Silver. What I do is try to portray the subtleties of my political opinions with my very un-subtle Spanish. I had the chance to do so in front of a crowd of people last week at a debate at the University of Alcala, actually, and it ended up with some of my quotes in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo!

I've spent these past few weeks informing myself on my choices, choices I have the honor of making as a voting American. I keep politics out of this blog, but suffice to say that I'm not the type to demonize people who disagree with me politically. I believe that the vast majority of Americans (and politicians) are advocating for what they think is best for our cities, states and country, but just disagree on what policy is best (for one well-written take on this year's election, see my friend Matt's post).

Living in California's new Congressional District 52 is pretty exciting. We have a congressional race coming down to the wire and being in California, we can register to vote online! My ballot was sent to me by email (thanks for joining the 21st century, California!) and I submitted my ballot on Monday.

I'm looking forward to November. I'm not one for suspense, and I want to talk to people at work about something else for once!