Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pyramid-Shaped Mass of Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Leaves

My first week in Madrid, I had the the oddly disorienting experience of standing in Plaza de España when I suddenly caught a whiff of chow mein wafting out of an air vent in the ground.

In Spain?

I shook off the sensation as an olfactory misinterpretation and forgot about it.

Months later, I discovered that there is in fact a Chinese restaurant underneath Plaza de España. Not only that, but as my housemate Mat says, "There's a whole Chinese world under there," including a Chinese travel agency and a Chinese grocery store.

Mat, Tom and I went to the restaurant last week to check it out, as it's apparently very popular among the local Madrileños. There's always a line out the door, although I attribute that to the fact that this place only has four or five tables and is located in an underground parking garage.

Anyway, it was pretty tasty.