Sunday, February 10, 2013

Carnaval Madrid

Cadiz is famous for its raucous Carnaval - costumed youths take to the streets for an all day party.

I do not live in Cadiz. I live in Madrid.

Madrid's Carnaval is a smaller, more controlled affair. However, we woke Saturday morning to the first rumbling notes of this song. As the bass kicked in, our house began to shake and throwing open the windows, we realized that they were testing the speakers for the stage of the opening ceremony of Madrid's Carnaval. In front of our house.

Matt, Charly and I pulled up couches to the window, threw open the doors and spent our afternoon watching the antics of Carnaval.

Mat and I also caught the parade that trailed through the streets of Madrid that evening. Firebreathers and women in giant dresses floated through the twilight.

The next day we watched the Encuentro de Murgas y Chirigotas. This tradition has groups of Spaniards perform humorous songs with routines. People laughed, we laughed, although we only got about 5% of the jokes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guess Who Loves You Today

I came home from work earlier this week and Luis the doorman handed me some mail. An envelope postmarked from the US contained this card:

While meeting up in Pasadena this January to watch the Rose Bowl (Stanford 20 - Wisconsin 14, by the way), my friends from college had apparently all signed a card for me!


It's nice to know that even when I'm sitting five-thousand miles away, some of my favorite people are thinking about me. Especially given that I might have been the only Stanford alum in the world to miss that game...

A very heartfelt thanks to all of you. Here's to hoping next time we'll be celebrating in the same place and you can write those fun little NSFW messages on my arm in sharpie instead.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slaughterhouse Art

They used to kill things at the Matadero. Hogs would be hung upside-down, their necks slit open to let the blood drain out.

This large brick complex that used to hold Madrid's slaughterhouses has benefited from the recent renovation  along the riverfront of Rio Manzanares. The whole area is now used a an art space, hosting projects big and small that elicit curiosity, puzzlement and awe.


My friend Laura and I spent a Saturday afternoon drifting between art installations and art projects that didn't seem to fit within the confines of a traditional canvas.