Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Liz, Marie and Bryan - United Again

Two of my best friends from college, both of who played in the band with me, were hippies in a co-op with me, and lived with me in my first post-college home finally came to visit Spain so I could share my life with them yet again.

Marie, Liz and I in the glory days.

I know them well, so even though I was at work when they landed in Madrid, I had a map of things to do, a glass of wine for Marie and a carton of milk for Liz waiting for them when they got to my house.

We spent the week visiting my work at Banco Santander, touring around Madrid and then Barcelona, catching up and enjoying the fact that we're still young.

We might not be 20 any more, but we can still rally! After a night of dancing, I had the extreme pleasure of taking both of them to Lady Pepa, my favorite after-hours for a 7am breakfast of pasta bolognese and piano serenades before they flew back to the States exhausted.