Monday, April 29, 2013

Back to Barca

People come to Spain to visit. And I take them to Barcelona. I'm not exactly tired of the city yet, but I'm glad Zach and Matt got all the Gaudí stuff out of the way the first day before I joined them, and that we went and checked out a few places I hadn't been, like Barcelona's Plaça de Espanya and Montjuic Castle.

We also had the unique experience of stumbling upon a sardana dance, a traditional Catalonian dance that was going on in a square in Barrio Gotic. It was a simple circle dance accompanied by a small band of instruments. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing so we watched a bit, but had a chance to jump in before it all ended.

Barcelona seems to get more and more familiar each time a go, although I enjoy new things every time along with the old. I'll never however, get tired of La Champañería.