Thursday, April 18, 2013

La Feria in Sevilla

Zach's parents, the American visit-crew and I all met up in Sevilla to take a tour and maybe catch a glimpse of la Feria - Sevilla's famous festival.

Our guide was super friendly and showed us around Sevilla's historic center. I was most impressed by Sevilla's Plaza de España, which deserves its own post. The tour guide got along with us so well that she ended up inviting us to come hang out at her family's caseta at la Feria!

We spent the afternoon in Sevilla's grand cathedral where Cristopher Columbus' remains are interred, as well as in the city's Alcázar, which is a big fat palace/garden that one could stroll around and explore for hours.

That evening we entered the Feria to encounter streets filled with men in suits and round, straw hats and women in Sevilla's famous polkadot dresses, all riding around in horse-drawn carriages and wagons. The fairgrounds were filled with tents called casetas, in which neighborhoods or families ate, danced, laughed and talked. Most were private casetas, so we made our way to one of the few public casetas where we drank rebujitos and watched as young Spaniards danced the regional dance, la Sevillana.


After saying farewell to Zach's parents, we met up with our guide Aldara, who introduced us to her cousins and let us hang out with her in her family's private caseta. THIS is definitely the way to do la Feria if you ever go.

As night descended, the Feria turned into a street party, although we still saw a fair amount of kids and old people around. We made a few pit stops, notably in the caseta of the Communist Party of Andalucia and some pretty dangerous-looking (and feeling) rides in the carnival area. The dancing and music in the casetas and the festivities in the streets didn't wind down until 4:00am or so.