Monday, May 6, 2013

Surf Trip to Somo

This last weekend a took a last-minute train to Cantabria. I hadn't gone surfing since my forays to Portugal and California in December, so I was prime for some waves! My destination: a little town outside of Santander called Somo.

After a short night in Santander itself, I caught the ferry across the Bay of Santander to Somo.

I found the Cantabria surf school on the recommendation of a coworker, rented a board and wetsuit and hit the waves before noon. What a great feeling to be sitting out past the break, looking across the bay at Santander and the snowy white mountains beyond. Have you ever seen snow while sitting in the ocean? It's awesome.

Somo is a small beach town, so you can imagine my surprise when on my way to lunch I heard somebody shout "Bryan!"

I was here by myself. Who in this little pueblito 500 kilometers from Madrid would know my name?? It turned out that a girl named Ali who works in my building at the bank is from Somo and was home visiting her mom for mothers' day. What a small world.

I went surfing again in the afternoon, but Ali drove me out to downtown Santander to hang out with her friends that night, and after another morning of surfing on Sunday, was gracious to give me a ride home as well. Here's to surfing and bumping into acquaintances in northern Spain!