Sunday, June 30, 2013


And just like that, my fellowship at Banco Santander is at an end.

I had requested an extension of my contract for the summer, but unfortunately the bank's merger with Banesto made it so human resources wasn't super willing to extend anyone's contract. Needless to say, my boss was not super happy about me leaving.

I'll stay in Spain for a few more months to work on my Spanish, I think. But looking back, what exactly did I get out of my ten month fellowship in Spain's great private bank? I wrote a poem during my last week asking that very question.


Como pasa el tiempo
Como tantas hojas en el viento
Pero qué prueba tengo
Para mostrar que ha pasado aquí?

Me van a borrar completamente
No digas lo contrario
Sabes que es la verdad
Y eventualmente borrarán los borradores

Puedo dejar algo?
Una nota tallada debajo del escritorio
Yo estaba aquí
Como si fuera importante

O mejor, que llevo algo para recordar
En lugar de robar bolígrafos o quizás una grapadora
Llevaré lo que me han dado gratuitamente
Lo que he aprendido

I'll take home what I learned at Banco Santander. What I learned about Spain, its people, what I learned from my country research on Chile and Mexico, what I learned about how professionals in other countries view the world, and how it feels to be an outsider struggling to find a way to fit in. I can take home the satisfaction that the economics I learned in grad school is actually useful. I'll take home a greatly expanded way of expressing myself in a tongue that is not my own, as well as a confidence that I can communicate and allow my true personality to come out with people who don't speak mine.