Monday, June 24, 2013

The Padres in Spain

After the striking success of my parents' 2011 visit to see me in Italy, they decided to come see me in my new adopted country Spain. (WARNING: more photos than usual, kiddies)

A good trip is like a good five-course meal. You can't just do everything at once. You need to build up and wind down and take your time. I started them off with a light appetizer... Spanish terraces with tapas and drinks.

The primero plato consisted of Madrid's sights and sounds... museums, the royal palace and a really fun night watching a flamenco show. My parents thought the waitress was flirting with me but I think she was just fishing for a tip from notoriously generous Americans.

We had a palate-clearing salad course: a day-trip to Segovia to see its beautiful aqueduct, castle and to eat Cochinillo (which, if we step outside of this metaphor, is definitely a segundo plato/meat plate).

The segundo plato was where we really got into it. We'd warmed up our stomachs and tackled Barcelona. We went to the top of Montjuic, spent some time on the beach, and ate a TON of wonderful food thanks to the recommendations of a colleague of my Dad's.

 For dessert, I bowed out early and went back to Madrid to finish my last week of work. My parents saw some sights to round out a nice full trip.