Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adventures with Alyssa

On my first visit to Spain ever, I was accompanied by my good travel buddy Alyssa, so it was only appropriate that my last visitor to Spain before I left would also be Alyssa.

Barcelona, 2011
Maurach, 2010
Alyssa and I are a team. From eating weinerschnitzel to dancing in discotecas until sunrise to debating the limits of free speech, we're pretty much undefeatable. Our win streak continued as we conquered the heat of the Spanish summer.

After eating extremely and drinking well in Madrid, we decided that this desert city was too hot, rented a car and drove north in search of the sea. Our journey took us to San Sebastián, which just happens to have a sea!

Just for fun, we decided to take a day trip into France as well. Like I said, we're undefeatable.

We extended our stay in San Sebastián an extra night to catch the city's annual Jazz Festival. I got to see one of my favorite jazz-pop artists, Jamie Cullum perform on the beach and we caught a pretty cool afro-beat band as well.

That night, we met up with my buddy Mónica who is from San Sebastián and after hanging out on the beach with her friends, we hit a discoteca for a night of dancing before turning in.

Every time I see Alyssa, I realize how much I missed traveling with her. Here's to many more adventures in the future!