Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Exploring San Diego

Don't get me wrong, San Diego is wonderful, but I grew up here so San Diego doesn't seem too exciting to me. However, to pretty much everyone else in the world, San Diego is an exotic location full of wonderful places to explore. Why not think of it the same way?

With this philosophy in mind, my friend Shannon and I headed down to Balboa Park (it's like Central Park or Parque Retiro or Golden Gate Park... except it's in San Diego) for an afternoon of exploration. Pro tip: some San Diego museums are free to San Diego residents on Tuesdays.

We began at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, which has a pretty sweet collection due to the city's role in the development of military aircraft and aerospace industry.

We continued on to the San Diego Hall of Champions, which is like a sports hall of fame for San Diego. Actually, it's not like one, it is one, and it features Padres greats, some of my high school coaches, and a ton of athletes I've never heard of.

Shannon and I then wandered into the center of Balboa Park, which is actually pretty cool. I feel like most San Diegans go as kids but rarely go back as adults. They should. It's nice.

So there you go - adventures won't stop just because I'm back home!