Sunday, September 1, 2013

Storm King

It looms through the trees like some forgotten god, its three jeweled feet joining together at an unfinished torso. One of the feet rests on the serene bald head of some half-submerged enlightened being. Where does this mysterious monument exist? In the jungles of Madagascar? In the foothills of the Himalayas?

No, this tripod lives in upstate New York about 11 miles from West Point.

My college roommate Matt and his buddies Stu and Evan took me to Storm King Art Center on Saturday because getting out of New York City keeps a man healthy. We spent the afternoon strolling through Storm King's meadows and forests - a giant outdoor museum of monumental sculpture.

Our favorites included Wave Field, a rolling natural landscape of undulating hills by Maya Lin ...

... David Brooks' A Proverbial Machine in the Garden, which consisted of a backhoe that had dug its own concrete grave ...

... and the ominous ring of Mozart's Birthday, by Mark di Suvero.