Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Massachusetts, Mini-Hashing and Marriage

Last weekend I escaped the eternally perfect temperatures of San Diego's non-existent autumn for a trip to Massachusetts for the wedding of my friends John and Pam. John and I go way back to Stanford Band days, but the beginning of our close friendship was also the beginning of this blog: he was one of two people I knew in my new city of Washington DC and he was the one who picked me up from the airport in his truck. I crashed on his couch for a week while I searched for a place, began my internship and worried about my future.

John and I really bonded in DC, going for hikes, running with the Hash House Harriers and enjoying the general merriment of DC life. On a trip to New York a year or two ago, John introduced me to Pam, who is awesome. She is smiley and the best in all ways. Every dude wants to meet their Pam. This is Pam:

I took a circuitous route to get to the wedding, stopping through Los Angeles (thanks Alex for showing me the La Brea tar pits!), flying to New York and then driving into New England with two couples who know a bit about matrimony, my recently married friends Matt and Lori and less recently married Sharon and Dan.

 Arriving in Pittsfield, MA was like a wonderful double reunion for me - John and I share common friends from both DC and Stanford.

The day of the ceremony, our buddy Jon organized a special edition hash of the one time It's the Pitts... field Hash House Harriers, complete with introductory songs, mid-trail surprises and a naming ceremony. It was a ton of fun to literally run around Pittsfield.

There ceremony was located in the nearby Hancock Shaker Village in a beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by almost immediate dancing. I'm not too familiar with the Shakers, but I hope they liked dancing.

Congratulations to John and Pam, I wish you both the best!