Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stanford Reunion

How do you top a ten year high school reunion?

Go to the 50th anniversary reunion of the Incomparable Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band!

The band was a big part of my college experience and the chance to go back to Stanford and participate in the largest gathering of LSJUMB alums in history was more than an honor, it was plain fun!

Although I got in too late for Thursday's LSJUMB History Panel, I was able to make a rehearsal for my funk band (more about that here). Friday was beer and pizza at the Oasis, and then on to field show rehearsal!

After a field rehearsal, we dressed up in our rally-formal finest for a banquet. It was almost adult-like!

The next morning, we jumped back into an old band tradition from our days in college - double bacon cheeseburgers for early morning start times.

For part of my time with the LSJUMB, I led the band as the drum major. All of the old drum majors back for the reunion (there were a lot of us) dressed up as chimney sweeps and danced into the stadium behind the current drum major, who was dressed as Mary Poppins.

The game was wonderful - we performed two pretty good sounding field shows and I got to jump around and conduct like old times, while up in the stands I caught up with old friends and met some of the current students. And we won!

After the game, the band gathered in a grove in front of the Band Shak and continued one of my favorite traditions: every person who had ever conducted the band (each drum major and band manager) took a turn leading the band, while the band danced and played late into the evening. Even one of the football team's star players took notice:

The next day some of the alums played a little game of softball we like to call Gusto, a pleasant sunny ending to a rocking weekend.