Friday, November 1, 2013


The stream of trick-or-treaters seems to have slowed down for a family in North Park. Suddenly, a sharp knock is heard on the door. The father grabs a bowl of candy and opens the door.

Outside of his open door on his porch is another door. There's a sign taped on in that says PLEASE KNOCK.

He hesitates.

"Um, Linda, come out here, you're going to want to see this..."

They knock on the door, which is promptly opened up by a cute old lady wearing a headshawl and thick glasses.

"Oh look! It's trick-or-treaters! Aren't they so cute!" A press of elderly inhabitants peek out of the door on the porch, exclaiming.

"They ARE cute!"    "Just precious!"   "What are you supposed to be little girl?"     "Oh a ghost! So scary!"     "They worked so hard, give 'em some candy!"

The lady in the headscarf pulls out her own bowl of candy and presses some sweets into the hands of the confused family. The door closes and the door frame is carried away.

The receding gang of elderly carrying a giant doorframe down the street: "Happy Halloween!"

The confused family: "..."

That's how I spent my Halloween.