Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Life Resume for Dreamland

I've spent the past few months in a weird job search that is constantly shadowed with the possibility that the Foreign Service could still come through for me. While revising cover letters and resumes, I've realized that this process in which we list our relevant skills, experiences and achievements on a piece of paper is a strange exercise in egotistical self-congratulation that doesn't even display our greatest skills, experiences and achievements.

While my current resume highlights my spreadsheet modeling skills, my ability to write analysis or my research experience, I'm not mentioning the fact that I can yodel about economics, or that if I'm ever confronted with a famous Hungarian rock band, I know exactly what to do. My buddy Colin and I have discussed this flaw in how resumes are written and decided to put together life resumes that we would send in if an employer really wanted to know what we're good at, what we've done, and what we can do.

select for full resume!

This exercise made me feel like kind of a braggart, but isn't that what all resumes do? The moral of the story seems to be that someone should pay me to go on fun trips.

You can find Colin's life resume on his blog.