Friday, March 28, 2014

Colonia El Manchén

I'm now comfortably settled in the home of the Camey family. This first week they also hosted a 25-year-old teacher from Virginia named Rachel, an 18-year-old adventurer named Caleb and a 14-year-old student from Quebec named Marie Lou. We've had a ton of fun chatting over meals and hanging out in our shared hall on the second floor.

My room:

... and the Camey family compound:

The neighborhood we live in is called Colonia El Manchén, named after the the ruined church right across the street from the house. I've found a nice little nook on one of the church walls where I sit in the evenings before dinner and play the ukulele:

The first week I've jumped right into grammar review and preparing my oral Spanish for the Foreign Service test. Meals, chats and songs in Colonia El Manchén are a nice daily break.