Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stray Dogs, Surfboards, Coconuts, Cricket... and Heat

Just to get it out of the way: our weekend in El Paredon was really hot. Even at night, every small little stirring of breeze only offered temporary respite. To cut down on complaining, we banned the word "hot" and kept track of violations, with the biggest violator buying the group a round at the end of the weekend.

Luckily, El Paredon was full of wonderful things to help keep our minds off of the weather. One of them was our house which I found through AirBnB, La Choza Chula. It's run by a community-focused NGO that is working to help El Paredon benefit from the growing surfing scene there. Unfortunately, a lot of people who come in to surf aren't even aware of the existence of a town right down the road. Read more about what La Choza Chula does here.

We explored El Paredon and got to meet some of our neighbors as well as a few neighborhood kids who hang out in the shack's backyard. The yard has a few coconut trees and Jossie and I took a machete to a few coconuts to get into the inner coconutty goodness. The house itself has a dry erase board, which we took full advantage of in a pretty epic game of pictionary. We spent Saturday morning on the beach surfing and swimming in the afternoon we relaxed in the hammocks and pool of the Paredon Surf House with two cool Canadians we met there.

I caught a few more waves Saturday afternoon after Paul taught me and the Canadians how to play cricket. It's actually a pretty simple and fun game, but I'm sure it helped contribute to the sunburn on my shoulders.

Meals were fun as well. El Paredon doesn't really have restaurants, so for our two breakfasts we bought and cooked beans and eggs and some tortillas from a lady across the street who stood outside making them. We had a delicious lunch at the Surf House and for dinner we found a barbeque that had been set up for Holy Week that made us some pretty delicious empanadas, burgers and tostadas.

Sunday was on us before we knew it and we cleaned the house, said goodbye to the house's adopted stray dog Twiggy, and dragged our mosquito-bite ridden, sunburned bodies back onto a chicken bus headed in the direction of Antigua.

Irony: The guy from San Diego ended up saying "hot" the most, so I bought the round.