Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Modern Minister's Guide to Marriage - Part 1

I'm a big believer in love. As for the awesome parties that people call weddings, don't even get me started on how much I love those. These past three months, however, I've had a chance to experience love and the process of marriage through the weddings of six friends, all of whom decided to have a friend officiate their wedding. And in two of those weddings, that friend was me!

Part 1: Michelle & Ryan - 17 May 2014

Ryan was the new kid who moved into our neighborhood at the beginning of high school. He quickly befriended everyone in the neighborhood with his witty personality and his easy smile. Our time in high school included shenanigans at the bus stop and summer days in his backyard pool. I even had my first kiss (not with him) in his garage. We lost touch a bit in college, but when I moved to DC in 2009 we got in touch and I was able to replace one of his outgoing housemates. We then became housemates (and trivia teammates) as I discovered DC and embarked on my new career path. When I left DC to move to Italy, he moved to San Francisco, where he fell in love.

Ryan and Michelle graciously invited me to their wedding in San Diego and I was super pumped to attend. I got to see a bunch of old high school classmates and catch up with some DC friends as well.

One of our mutual DC friends Rachel, acted as the officiant for the wedding. I paid extra-close attention as I knew I'd have to do the same within a few weeks. Rachel kept a great balance between seriousness and levity, including some long legal definitions concerning marriage (she and Ryan went to law school together). She did an amazing job and I may or may not have taken actual written notes during a wedding ceremony.

Congratulations Michelle and Ryan!