Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm Going to Be a Diplomat!

Today might be one of the most significant days of my life.

Eight days since I found out I failed my last-chance Spanish test and finally gave up on the idea of being a diplomat,
313 days since I finished my contract at Banco Santander,
508 days since I received my security clearance,
596 days since I passed the Foreign Service Oral Exam, and
854 days since I signed up begin the Foreign Service application process,

on a day when my optimism on finding a job (much less a career) was starting to wane just a bit,

I was blindsided with an email from the State Department, calling me up for a Foreign Service training class, the last one I would be eligible for before I expired off of the hiring register.

I got very lucky, but then again, as my friend Zach told me, I was pretty unlucky to go through this process right in the middle of the Sequester, so the universe owes me one.

I'm very thankful for the people who have helped me through a fun but pretty challenging year of my life: Jenn, Zach, Colin, Valerie and my two very supportive parents. I'm thankful for the people who helped me prepare for different aspects of the Foreign Service application process, especially Sara, Alex, Sarah, Valerie, Richard, Faith and my stern but effective proof reader Naomi.

Gracias a Fátima, Ana, Fernando, Julie y Santiago por ayudar mi español, algo que aún ha de mejorarse.

WHATS NEXT: Training (A-100 in State Department speak) isn't until June 30, so I'm going to spend two months or so in San Diego attending some weddings, running up the mileage on my bike, surfing and packing. After that, I'll be moving to DC to start my training to be an Economic Officer in the US Foreign Service. Depending on where they're sending me after, I might be in DC anywhere from three months to a year. Then, off to represent my country at a US embassy somewhere in the world, so stay tuned for a whole new type of adventure on my blog!