Friday, July 4, 2014

A-100, Week 1

After a day of HR stuff at the main State Department building in Foggy Bottom, on Tuesday I headed down to the Foreign Service Institute, where I'll be spending the majority of the next six weeks in the introductory Foreign Service Officer training course, A-100.

Our A-100 class, the illustrious 178th A-100, is larger than most (maybe all) classes in recent memory, which shows as we barely fit in the classroom and they had to remove the armrests from all the chairs so we could fit.

I'm not complaining, because that's just that many more wonderful colleagues that I'll get to connect with while I train here in DC! I haven't met everyone yet, but the sampling I've met so far (including a whopping 8 SAIS people who graduated just this spring) are very very impressive.

The only bummer is that I've learned a bit more about the State Department social media/blog policy, which limits things like the sharing of photos of State Department facilities and badges for safety reasons, which makes a lot of sense. I'm going to go in and clarify what I can and can't share on this blog so that I can keep sharing my adventures in the future!