Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Modern Minister's Guide to Marriage - Part 3

I'm a big believer in love. As for the awesome parties that people call weddings, don't even get me started on how much I love those. These past three months, however, I've had a chance to experience love and the process of marriage through the weddings of six friends, all of whom decided to have a friend officiate their wedding. And in two of those weddings, that friend was me!

Part 3: Megan & Dustin - 5 July 2014

I first met Megan in 8th grade and I count her as one of my oldest and closest friends. I've known Dustin even longer, since our time in the Boy Scouts starting in 6th grade. Both of these friends shared a lot of really great experiences with me in high school: at Pizza Hut, in the Mt. Carmel Band, on the cross country team and various hi-jinks around San Diego.

Unfortunately, this couple has been rumbling around the American West and I don't get to see them as often as I see some of my San Diego-based friends. However, I was super excited when they told me they were coming in town for a beer tasting festival last fall, and even more excited when they asked me to officiate their wedding (after a few beers, I assume to make sure I said yes).

These two are so important to me that I flew back from Washington, DC after my first week of A-100 to attend their wedding. Rule #5 of officiating a wedding: never send a bride an email titled "I missed my flight" ever, even if the body of the email details how it's not a big deal and you won't miss the wedding.

Megan and Dustin had a beautiful ceremony at the San Diego Rowing Club and I was honored to help them recite their vows to each other and read some advice given by their parents.

After the ceremony, we ate, drank and were merry as I caught up with old friends from high school, Megan and Dustins' families (who also played big roles in my life), and met Megan and Dustin's fun Air Force friends.

This wraps up wedding season for me and I've never been more humbled by the love that my friends have found. Although someone else stood in front of them during their wedding to talk about marriage, Michelle, Ryan, Valerie, Colin, Megan and Dustin have taught me a lot about the love, commitment and joy you need to make one happen.