Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Forbidden Liaisons

Forbidden Liaisons, or les Liaisons Interdites, sounds like a sexy French movie. In fact, it's a pretty boring French grammar rule that decrees when one should not liaise the last consonant of a previous word when pronouncing a word that begins with a vowel sound. Hmmf. Well, my experience so far in the French program at the Foreign Service Institute has been somewhere in between sexy French movie and mundane pronunciation rule.

On one hand, I've settled into a pretty daily regular schedule: Up at 6am, five hours of class with the same four people, one hour of lab, French conversation table at lunch, a few hours of homework and flashcards. I'm averaging about 8 hours of French a day, which is good because the American taxpayer is paying for me to learn it full time, so I had better not slack!

On the other hand, it's pretty smooth sailing so far! I'm really enjoying learning French, I often get the feeling that I'm pretty good at it, and the resources, professors and fellow students I work with every day are top notch.

Additionally, I've been able to combine my love for productivity/education technology with an actual need to use it. I'm fully on the gamefication train, with Quizlet turning my flashcard studying into a game and Duolingo teaching me vocabulary and listening comprehension while I level up.

I'm about four weeks into a 32 week regimen, let's see how good I can get!