Wednesday, March 4, 2015

30 Funking Years

Some fear the arrival of the thirty year milestone. It signals the passing of youth, the expectation of responsibility and the end of adventure.

For me, it signaled the opportunity to throw a big fat theme party and invite all my friends.

I'm someone who prefers to spend my money on experiences rather than things and my 30th birthday party was quite an experience. In the tradition of my previous birthday parties, which include the infamous Barn Party of 2012 and a pretty college-y glow-in-the-dark party in 2013, this year I bought a disco ball and themed my party after the hit funky dance show Soul Train.

A couple of weeks before the party, the space I had rented underwent a city inspection and had to close it down. Luckily, they referred me to their sister restaurant, the Washington Firehouse, and hooked me up with the restaurant's spacious second floor bar at my original rental fee!

Not a place I could responsibly afford otherwise.

The rest was easy: Hannah helped me make decorations, a three hour funk playlist and some very soulful costumes. We had a dance contest with medals for the winners, a make-your-own-chest-hair station, a full bar, and cheese cake.

Amenities aside, it was my friends who made it fun. A special shout out to some pregnant foreign service colleagues who held it down on the dance floor, a couple who got a babysitter for their two year old so they could spend the night in clothes from a thrift shop, some great college friends who came all the way down from New York, two buddies who independently bought the same white disco suit, and Hannah, who blew out her hair to ridiculous lengths.

The party continued into the wee hours of the night as the bartender took us to her boyfriend's bar after she closed down her own.

The only lesson learned: try not to have so much fun that there's almost no photos. Next time, I guess.