Sunday, February 28, 2016

Les Chutes de Karera

Any tourism trip to the interior of Burundi is incomplete without a visit to the Waterfalls of Karera. Located not too far from the Failles des Allemands, the Chutes de Karera are Burundi's tourist cash cow. Foreign tourists are charged $20 to enter, which is a small fortune in Burundian francs.

With these international admission prices, however, come a better tourism experience that you probably wouldn't be able to get if you were to wander in on your own.

The Chutes de Karera are a set of four magnificent waterfalls that seem to explode out of the surrounding foliage. When we arrived at the first one, a church was there baptizing people in its waters!

The second waterfall involves a short but strenuous hike, down a steep muddy slippery slope. We were led there by our guide and an accompanying policemen contracted to keep away petty criminals.

It is ridiculous how beautiful this country is.

The third waterfall is up a steep hill. After breaking a sweat climbing up stairs carved into the stone, you step into a glen that is filled with mist created by the fall.

The fourth waterfall requires a walk across a wooden bridge with no handrails and minimal foot space. It doesn't look impressive, but the fact that none of us fell in the rushing stream below is a great accomplishment.

Four beautiful waterfalls, hidden away in a verdant valley deep in Burundi's interior. Certainly worth the $20.